McDonald's says "Mega Mak" sandwiching four pieces of meat for a limited time only

It means that the number of meat has become four, twice as big as Big Mac. When I checked the phone with Japan McDonald's Holdings Corporation, I heard that the price is 350 yen and it will be released from January 12th to February 4th 2007.

As for meat, it is said that it is using 100% beef which is not added from Australia and New Zealand where safety was recognized.

Details are as follows.
McDonald's mega-mac released 4 beefs

According to this article, the calorie is 754 kilocalories and it is planned to sell a set of fried potatoes and M sized drinks.

As of 11 am at December 21st, it is not announced on the McDonald's official page of Japan, but as I confirmed by telephone, the contents of the above article are almost correct, and for lettuce other than the number of meat lettuce And pickles, and Big Mac sauce with Mustard Onion Suite Relish and Bamboo Bamboa are exactly the same as Big Mac. In short, it means that Big Mac 's meat is 4 pieces.

Incidentally, mega - mac was released before abroad, and based on that, the page of those who tried their own making Gigamack, Yota Mak etc going on mega - mac in Japan is here.

Temptation of MEGA MAC

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