Wonderful building with full surface covered with solar panel

This building is called "Solar Tower" and is located in Manchester, England. The surface is covered with 7000 solar panels, and it seems that you get enough energy to move around 1000 computers.

Detailed photos etc. below.
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This is the appearance of the original building

I will keep solar panels together like this


Solar panel expansion


It has become quite a little like it


The panel of the solar cell does not move according to the direction of the sun, it remains fixed. Moreover, since Manchester has a fog, it seems that efficiency is not good when we consider such things together, but the generation efficiency of the solar panel itself is excellent.

According to the official website, it seems that it generates about 9 million cups of tea

The amount of power generation is 390 kW, exactly 7244 panels are available, and 4898 of them are workable. The rest seems to be somehow dummy. Perhaps he emphasized the appearance.

In addition, it has 24 wind power generation systems, and it seems that 10% of the electric power of this building is covered.

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