Various mysterious buildings built in the former Soviet era that seems to come out in science fiction movies

A lot of SF ticky buildings were built in the former Soviet Union era, but most of them are still unfinished due to the demolition of the former Soviet Union. ViolentBruta rhythmYaRussian constructivismThis architectural method called as seen mainly in the former Soviet Union in the 1950s,FunctionalismIt is a construction method aimed at returning to the origin of the factory, but buildings with huge and strange shapes as if symbolizing such communismThe AwlIt is summarized.

The Sublime Sci-Fi Buildings That Communism Built | The Awl

01:The Druzhba sanatorium
Built as a resort facility in 1986, "The Druzhba sanatorium" is a building in Ukraine. There was also a story saying that because the cold war was built at the time, the Turkish spy who was investigating misunderstood as a new military facility.

02:The House of Soviets
The construction of the "The House of Soviets", which began to be a central institution of Kaliningrad State in 1960, was completed in the 1980s, but construction was terminated, but when Putin visited in 2005, only the outer wall painted It was done.

03:The architecture facility at the Polytechnic Institute of Minsk
"The architecture facility at the Polytechnic Institute of Minsk" like a big ship floating on the snowy field was built in Minsk, the capital of Belarus which was then the Soviet Union, and is now used as a facility at the university.

04:Spomenik # 18 (Kadinijača)
"Spomenik" is a war memorial built after the former Yugoslav war.

Spomenik hasVarious designsThere are things of Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and Bosnia now.

05:The Chemnitz Stadhalle
"The Chemnitz Stadhalle" with a design outside like a honeycomb is in the former East Germany.


06:The Soviet embassy in Cuba
Embassy of Russia in Cuba.

07:The Centrosoyuz Building
"The Centrosoyuz Building" in Moscow is a French architect who gave birth to modernism architectureLe Corbusier
So it was designed.

08:The Red Banner Textile Factory
Jewish architectErich Mendel ZoneA textile factory located in St. Petersburg which was designed.

09:The Gosprom Building
"The Gosprom Building" in Halkiu, Ukraine. It seems that when Haruki was once the capital it was built as one of the landmarks.

Ten:The Ukrainian Institute of Scientific and Technological Research and Development
Science and technology research headquarters in Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine.

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