Waste treatment & water purification & power generation equipment "Janicki Omniprocessor" that demonstrates the high technology skill by Bill Gates drinking a lot of water made from human feces

"Waste disposal device of" one stone three birds "that can extract electric energy and purified water therefrom as well as not only treat stool excreted by human beings, human feces"Janicki Omniprocessor"That Bill Gates visited, and a movie that tastes the purified water that was taken out by processing human feces is released.

This Ingenious Machine Turns Feces Into Drinking Water | Bill Gates

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I can understand how Janicki Omniprocessor is a device with a mechanism by seeing the following movie in one shot.

Janicki Omniprocessor - YouTube

This is a waste disposal facility of three birds "Janicki Omniprocessor"

"There are serious problems that there is no safe waste disposal facility in developing countries," Bill Gates said. It is Janicki Omniprocessor that can solve the big problem.

The structure of Janicki Omniprocessor looks something like this. The human feces carried from the right of the photo becomes electricity, water purification and ashes.

First of all, human feces is carried on a belt conveyor ......

Water vapor is separated and extracted from human feces that passed through a high-temperature pot.

Water vapor is in high temperature and high pressure state ......

Turn the turbine to generate electricity.

The waste itself from which moisture is removed also produces electricity from thermal energy by burning it at high temperature.

It is possible to recycle to the ash which is finally left. In other words, Janicki Omniprocessor is a facility where all of the human shit turns into "money".

Gates to have the clean water produced by Janicki Omniprocessor pour into the cup. By the way, water was excrement condition only 5 minutes ago.

When you drink with gokuri, "Yeah, it's water"

Janicki Omniprocessor is a waste disposal facility where emphasis is placed on being "simple" so that it can be operated even in developing countries. Since energy and purified water can be taken out in the process of waste as human waste, it is expected to be introduced mainly in developing countries as a facility capable of processing waste while generating money.

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