Twitter changes part of its policy, violators will temporarily be frozen accounts

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Twitter updated a part of the latest version update and usage policy, and the rules and administrative authority of Twitter use changed. With the new usage policy, the scope of the policy violation becomes wider and the violator will temporarily freeze the account.

Policy and product updates aimed at combating abuse | Twitter Blogs

The policy of using services changed by Twitter relates to "violence" of "prohibited contents".

Regarding "violence", what has been stipulated as "to prohibit acts of violence such as direct or threatening to certain other people" has been "forbidding violent acts such as intimidation against others or" encouraging them " "It has been changed to allow you to crack violence spreading on Twitter more widely. About this, Twitter says, "Policies to date have been overly limited, and we were not able to confront the threat."

Rules to protect on Twitter are described in the following links, and what kind of violation concerning "violence and intimidation" is the rule concerning "scope of contents and use of Twitter" among them Is clearly stated.

Twitter Help Center | Twitter Rules

Also, for policy violation accounts, Twitter reveals that the support team's ability to deal with policy violation accounts has also been enhanced.

The policy violation account will freeze the account for a period of time and will not be able to use Twitter. As shown on the left side of the image below, it will only display that the account is locked and the period until freeze is released, even if you open the offense. Moreover, in order to cancel freezing, it seems that the user must enter his / her phone number as shown on the right side of the image below.

In addition, Twitter rules are shown so that "Which policy did you violate?" Is indicated, and at the end it is urged to delete the breach tweet.

In addition, it is easy to read the following article on how to report troubles on Twitter to the management side.

Easily report troubles such as "spoofing account" on Twitter from the application - GIGAZINE

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