Daimler unveiled the test run of the automatic driving truck "Freightliner Inspiration" that can dramatically change logistics

Daimler holding Mercedes · Benz is a large trailer that can operate automatically without driver's maneuver "Freightliner InspirationPublished for press coverage. "Half" Automatic running performance that makes it possible for a motorcycle to run smoothly and smoothly has been revealed.

This is what it's like to ride in Daimler's self-driving semi truck | The Verge

In the near future, what kind of ride the Freightliner Inspiration truck of the near future possessing the possibility to greatly change the distribution scene can be understood with a single shot by seeing the following movie.

The world's first self-driving big rig - YouTube

Automobile powers The main parts of logistics in the United States are trailers and trucks.

However, there are hundreds of thousands of traffic accidents by truck every year, and efforts to reduce accidents is a big problem for many years.

Daimler's automatic driving technology "Highway Pilot" is developed to solve the problem of traffic accidents in trucks. This is a concept car "Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025"It is said that it is aiming at practical use up to 2025 according to the name by the technology which was published at.

Highway Pilot is a camera installed around the body ... ...

It is a radar mounted on the front grill and detects the surrounding situation in real time.

Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025 evolved into "Freightliner Inspiration" and finally reached the driving test phase on public road. "There are functions such as cruise control as well as automatic operation as well as manual operation," says technician Steve Nadigg.

Freightliner Inspiration test run started in Las Vegas.

If you switch to automatic driving mode at high speed, the driver will take your hand off the steering wheel and watch the driving.

Galaxy Tab 4 is installed as an information terminal in the center of the dashboard.

The speedometer is also LCD monitor specification.

Freightliner Inspiration 's automatic driver' s seat is like this. Drivers do not have to watch gaze at the front, you can also do other tasks on the tablet.

Detecting the white line on the expressway and driving the lane steady.

The speed adjustment is the role of the driver.

Of course it is also possible to switch to manual driving by the driver. When entering the general road from the expressway, the driver drives in the same way as ordinary trucks.

Driver to pick up the tablet while driving.

It is possible to "drive while" the business related to transportation, such as calling and confirming the delivery destination.

Also, Freightliner Inspiration's automatic driving situation is managed one by one on the network. Smoothing of logistics can be expected.

Freightliner Inspiration has already started running tests with driving permission in Nevada province.

The world's first commercial automatic truck will be approved for running on public road - GIGAZINE

However, because other countries, such as Arizona adjacent to Nevada State, do not have permission to autorun, the range in which Freightliner Inspiration can run automatically at this stage is very limited, and Daimler can run in other states I am applying for permission. It is urgent to acquire permission in more states in order to acquire a lot of running data and further enhance safety.

Also, as vigilance is gaining from drivers of "drivers of truck drivers?" Daimler says, "Freightliner Inspiration does not deprive the driver of the job, but enhances safety and the ability of the driver "It is hard to appeal." According to Daimler, the driver's drowsiness will be reduced by 25% during the automatic driving mode.

At the moment, Freightliner Inspiration, which has many problems to be solved, such as the driver can not maintain the driving lane when the white line on the road is off or because it is not possible to detect the legal limit speed, the driver must adjust the speed manually However, Daimler will continue to develop logistics trucks that can run more safely even at night and under bad weather by repeated running tests.

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