Finally "Tesla" equipped with "automatic driving (autopilot)" "Model S" actual vehicle review various summary

"Electric vehicle (EV) sold by Tesla Motors"Model S"Software for controlling the car body has been updated to version 7.0 and" Driver assistant function "Autopilot(Automatic operation) "can now be used. A report that reviews real cars at once from overseas media is beginning to be published.

Driving (or kind of not driving) a Tesla Model S with Autopilot | Ars Technica

Model S's version upgrade was announced on 14th October 2015, and it is said that the offer will be started within a few weeks from the announcement in Japan. It seems that the target vehicles are produced after October 2014.

Automatic operation became possible | Tesla Motors Japan

The contents of the update can also be confirmed in the following article.

Tesla's model S moves forward to realize fully automatic operation, software is updated to version 7.0 - GIGAZINE

Ars Technica runs the actual car in New York City and conducts reviews.

The vehicle is equipped with 12 long-range ultrasonic sensors for grasping surrounding conditions, and it is possible to sense objects with a radius of 4.8 meters or more around 360 degrees around the vehicle.

Also, a forward radar that detects the front of the vehicle is contained in the front grill ... ...

Also equipped with a forward view camera that captures the image forward. It is said to be able to read the object in front and the condition of the road surface, and the speed limit of the road sign. In addition, it seems that it is planned to automatically operate by grasping the color of the signal in the future.

It seems that the state of the driver's seat has hardly been changed from the past.

The meter part has been upgraded, and a screen dedicated to autopilot is added. In this screen, the gray body at the bottom represents the model S, indicating that there is another car ahead. When the previous vehicle is in the blue state, it means that Model S is recognizing the vehicle. In addition, the fan-shaped mark displayed at the lower left of the vehicle indicates that the vehicle is approaching from the rear.

There are three levers to the left of the handle. From the top, turn signal wiper lever, handle position adjustment lever, and auto pilot operation lever.

The lever for the auto pilot adjusts the distance to the preceding vehicle by turning on the auto pilot function by pulling it to the near side twice, controlling the cruise speed by moving it up and down, and turning the outermost dial It is possible that it is possible.

It is as usual that a huge display is sitting.

At first glance it is a smart key of a car like a mini car like model S as if it were palm-sized.

The autopilot function can be turned on only when a certain condition is satisfied, and it is not always usable. Rather, it is said that this function is focused on being utilized as a driving assistance on a highway, and it can be used in urban areas like New York City, but it becomes a subfunctional position to the last I suspect it is. Nevertheless, being able to perform all vehicle control such as accelerator, steering wheel and brake automatically can be said to be one step out of the cruise control and brake support of conventional speed adjustment.

Even during autopilot running, the driver basically said that it is required to keep hands on handles. The automatic driving function of Model S is set by the US Department of Transportation Road Traffic Safety Authority and the Japanese governmentAutomated level of robot car, It is defined as "Level 2" which is the third from the top among all five stages (0 to 4). This level is defined as "a system that automatically harmonizes and replaces two or more of acceleration, steering, and braking on behalf of the driver", and it is defined as the same level of control as the existing adaptive cruise control with steering assist Equivalent thing. By the way, the self-driving car that Google is developing is located at the top "Level 4".

If you use the auto pilot function you can run according to the surrounding situation, and you can also make a lane change automatically by judging the situation by putting a turn signal on either side while driving. It seems that you can hear the voice that lane changes can be done by yourself, but if you can judge the surrounding situation and lane change safely, it may be meaningful enough to utilize. Furthermore, when parking a vehicle at the side of a road, it searches for a space that can be parked automatically, and also has an "automatic parking function" for parking the vehicle.

You can also see the state of the auto pilot function of Model S even in the following movies. As the title "Tesla's autopilot system is cheap and wonderful," the reporters are puzzled but amazed at their performance.

Tesla's Autopilot System Is Creepy And Wonderful - YouTube

In both of the above reviews, both talk about the evaluation of "auto-pilot function" as "sub-thing". This is a story that is not murmuring, it is a natural result because it is a vehicle classified as "level 2" rather than "level 4" like Google's self driving car, so it is not likely that the evaluation will be low . The model S is not the "world first" because level 2 vehicles already have commercial vehicles from Mercedes and Volvo, but for the realization of automatic driving vehicles which were thought to be events in the near future, Another new step has been taken.

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