Military development arcade games played in the former Soviet Union in the socialist era

Arcade games in Japan have been developed by game makers since long ago, but in the former Soviet Union armies did not develop gamemakers but were engaged in development. You can visit the museums in Moscow and St. Petersburg that exhibit such precious arcade games of the former Soviet era and what games they were playing at the time.

Step into This Soviet Arcade Time Machine - YouTube

Pac-Man and ......

1980s when arcade games such as Donkey Kong were played in the United States and Japan.

A completely different arcade game was played in Russia of the former Soviet era.

A museum where you can play such an arcade game of the former Soviet era "Museum of Soviet arcade machinesThere are in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

When entering the museum, you will be handed a lot of ruble coins used in the former Soviet Union.

Visitors can play arcade games that are exhibited inside the building using the ruble coins delivered.

From retro games shooting glowing on the panel ... ....

You can play computer games that play games output on the monitor.

A transcendent retro game that expresses scores on the Nixie tube.

Playing the ride game that was on the roof of an old department store etc. is the director of Alexander Stakhanov of the Museum of Soviet arcade machines.

According to the director, the arcade game of the former Soviet era was not designed for entertainment purposes but was made to show the development of technology.

As a result, there are many games that will crank out "What's fun?"

It was in 1975 that the arcade game was first developed in the former Soviet Union.

However, rather than developing from scratch, it seems that the game which was popular in the world at that time was improved to simple content.

Since the technology of electronic device development was delayed compared to other countries, the game developed has no memory and it is not designed to record the data of the person who played. People who played games could not compete with the score they played in the past.

Also, the arcade game of the former Soviet era was handled by the army, not the game maker.

An arcade game that was developed at a military factory, weapons and ... ...

It is made with things that are no longer used in military such as refrigerators.

By playing the arcade game of the former Soviet era, you might be able to touch firearms that were actually used.

The Museum of Soviet arcade machines is also popular among young people as they can experience rare game machines of the former Soviet era. If you visit Russia you may visit and try playing in a different game than the Japanese retro arcade game.

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