Scotland's first "tidal power plant" to operate

It is announced that the country's first 1.5-megawatt tidal power turbine was installed on the northern coastline of Scotland. Although tidal power generation has advantages not found in other renewable energy, installation cost is high, so it is not widely introduced in the world, but according to Atlantis Resources installed tidal power generation turbine, It is planned that three additional turbines will be installed in 2017 to achieve power generation of about 400 megawatts.

First electricity from tidal power scheme in Scotland - BBC News

First power drawn from tidal turbines off the coast of Scotland | Ars Technica

Atlantis Resources is a project aiming at achieving 400 megawatts of electricity generation with rare tide power generation in the world "MeyGenWe have been promoting the installation of a tidal power generation turbine along the northern coastline of Scotland from around 2010. The power generation capacity of 400 MW is close to 547 MW which is the average value of typical American coal power plant.

According to Atlantis Resources, the tidal power turbine installed is a mechanism similar to a wind turbine with three blades, which is designed to turn the direction of the blade 180 degrees according to the tide flow. The turbine body is equipped with a generator and a transmission, and the generated electricity is transmitted to a power adjustment device separately installed on land.

You can see how the tidal power turbine "AR 1500" of Atlantis Resources works in the following movie.

The AR 1500 is the latest tidal power turbine system - YouTube

Currently, tidal power generation is not considered to be very important among renewable energy because the installation cost is high because of the limited installation location etc. However, once the turbine can be installed, long-term power generation It is possible to continue. France 's first tidal power plant constructed in 1966Reims tidal power plant"Even now it is active and running. In addition to being able to generate electricity without consuming fuel like thermal power generation, it has the feature that it is easy to predict the amount of electricity generation unlike sunlight and wind power generation, and it is stable with eco compared with other renewable energy You can supply power.

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