Twitter updates hate speech rules, banning remarks that dehumanize others based on race or country

In a blog post posted by Twitter on December 2, 2020, the rules for hate speech on the platform will be updated to ban 'remarks that dehumanize others based on race, ethnicity, and country of origin.' Announced.

Updating our rules against hateful conduct

Twitter expands hate speech rules | Engadget

Twitter has been working on hate speech measures on the platform for a long time, and in 2018 introduced a policy that prohibits statements that deny the humanity of others. After that, Twitter has continuously updated its policy, such as banning harassing tweets to religious groups in July 2019 and banning inhuman tweets based on age, disability, and illness in March 2020. I will.

In a blog post on December 2nd, Twitter updated its new rules for hate speech: 'We hate speech to ban statements that dehumanize others based on race, ethnicity, or country of origin. We are expanding our policy. ' Twitter will monitor tweets reported by users and actively detect potential violation tweets using automation technology.

Examples of tweets that Twitter actually bans are as follows: '(People with roots in a particular country) should be excluded because they are all cockroaches living on social security.' 'In our country (specific) There are too many maggots (people, races, and ethnic groups) with roots in the country, and they should be expelled! '

'You're not the only one surprised that this kind of comment wasn't previously banned,' said tech media Engadget, banning such hate speech on platforms such as Facebook. It points out that there was a policy.

Twitter took a long time to articulate a policy prohibiting racist remarks based on a cautious policy change policy to better understand cultural nuances and maintain rule consistency. It's a thing. In changing its policy, Twitter has worked with the Trust & Safety Council , which brings together safety experts from around the world, and other organizations with expertise in racism, including third-party experts. It seems that the group considered dealing with inhumane speech about race, ethnicity, and country of origin.

Twitter says, 'Even with these improvements, we still recognize that we make mistakes. We correct our own mistakes and prevent repeated similar mistakes in the enforcement process. We promise to continue to strive to strengthen both the appeal process. '

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