Tom Cruise's deep fake video that only looks real is a masterpiece

When it comes to deep fake movies of celebrities, many people think of unnatural images that make their faces appear floating. However, when playing a movie created by actor

Miles Fisher and VFX artist Chris Umé, it is likely to think that it is real unless it is said that it is fake Tom Cruise says Paris Hilton can be seen exchanging

@deeptomcruise @parishilton and I are #sliving ♬ Aesthetic - Tollan Kim

When you play the movie, Tom Cruise wearing a tuxedo walks towards the screen.

When Tom Cruise stood in front of the mirror, Paris Hilton in a dress appeared from behind.

I can hardly feel unnaturalness in Tom Cruise's gestures and expressions.

As you can see from the fact that the poster name is 'deeptomcruise', this video is actually from a TikTok account that posts Tom Cruise's deep fake video.

Actor Miles Fisher plays Tom Cruise. Fisher is famous for being similar to Tom Cruise so much that he played the role of Tom Cruise's parody in the movie ' Super Hero Movie !! According to an essay he contributed to .

However, the fact that his face closely resembled Tom Cruise's face was a hindrance to Fischer's role. Fisher tried to prove that he wasn't Tom Cruise by changing his voice, intonation, fashion, and improving his acting skills, but his efforts were unsuccessful. bottom.

Fischer finally decided to stop trying to hide his Tom Cruise resemblance and instead put on the mask so perfectly that no one could recognize him and make it his own. came across a deepfake movie made by Chris Umé, a Belgian VFX artist living in Thailand.

TOM CRUISE 2020-RUN TOM RUN (Presidential Campaign Announcement) Deepfake-YouTube

In this movie, Mr. Umé made full use of deep fake technology to make the image that Fisher played as Tom Cruise more realistic. Impressed by the similarity, Fischer immediately got in touch with Mr. Umé. Then, while exchanging words several times, we hit it off and decided to make Tom Cruise's deep fake movie together. This is how the aforementioned TikTok parody account called “DeepTomCruise” was born.

In the thread of the social news site Reddit that picked up this movie, there were comments such as ``I was deceived in broad daylight'' and ``Tom Cruise in the movie is taller than Paris Hilton, but the real thing is different. I know it's a fake,' comments were posted.

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