JK Rowling tweeted an image of an anime character pointing a gun at ``Shut up trans elimination feminist'' and flamed up, suggesting that ``the accusation of trans exclusion is equivalent to anti-female suffrage.''

JK Rowling, the author of the fantasy novel series 'Harry Potter', posted on Twitter an image of an anime character with the words 'shut up trance exclusion radical feminist (TERF) ' and anti-women's suffrage. I posted an image about the rights movement and said 'the same thing'. In the background of the post, it seems that there is a claim that the tone accusing Rowling of TERF and violence against the women's suffrage movement are the same.

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JK Rowling's Latest Salvo In Culture War Is Claiming Anime Girl Saying 'STFU TERF' Is The Same Thing As Silencing Suffragettes | Know Your Meme
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JK Rowling Equates Zombie Land Saga TERF Meme to Anti-Suffragist Art

The post in question is a January 29, 2023 tweet in which J.K. Rowling said, 'Same bullshit, different century.' The first of the attached images depicts a woman being restrained and forced to shut her mouth with what appears to be a torture device. Reportedly, this is a caricature drawn in opposition to the women's suffrage movement in the early 20th century. And the second one is an edited image of 'Lily Hoshikawa', a character that appears in the TV anime ' Zombieland Saga ', with the words 'Shut up TERF' and a pistol added.

Rowling is known for her distaste from the recent LGBT movement, such as complaining on Twitter about the expression 'people with menstruation'. Some people condemn it. Rowling was also barely featured on the Harry Potter 20th anniversary show, which some have attributed to the cast's criticism of Rowling's stance on transgender issues. .

On the other hand, 'Lily Hoshikawa', who appeared in Mr. Rowling's post, looks like a girl, but is physically male, and is sometimes referred to in the context of transgender. Against this background, it was decided to be used as a meme image that denounces TERF .

Regarding Rowling's intention, CBR, a comics-related news site, ``implied that the impact of accusations of TERF and the threats posed by anti-feminists to the women's suffrage movement carry equal weight. ' explained.

Mr. Rowling's tweets have been displayed 12.36 million times at the time of article creation, and have received a great response, including 9885 retweets, 12,000 quoted tweets, and 75,000 'likes.'

Among them was an amusing tweet that read, 'It's so funny to see that J.K. Rowling being blackmailed by an anime girl.'

Another Twitter user quipped: 'It's fitting given that many women suffragists were savage white feminists who didn't believe black women should be allowed to vote.' bottom.

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