Suspicion that Tesla cheated the cruising range and responded to 2000 complaints a week

Reuters reported that Tesla had manipulated its range-estimation software to inflate the range of its vehicles. There are so many customer complaints about this matter that Tesla has created a dedicated department for complaints.

Tesla's secret team to suppress thousands of driving range complaints

Tesla exaggerated EV range so much that drivers thought cars were broken | Ars Technica

According to Reuters, around 2013 Tesla's software manipulation was widespread, and several algorithms were built to inflate the maximum distance that can be driven on a full charge and display it on the car's dashboard. A person interviewed by Reuters testified that CEO Elon Musk was the one who directed the fraud.

The Model 3 and Model S were the only vehicles on sale at the time the inflated program was allegedly created. It is unknown whether this program is still being used even at the time of article creation after 10 years.

Complaints flooded in because the incorrect display of cruising range was at a level that users could understand, and Tesla launched a dedicated department in 2022 to respond to complaints about cruising range. The number of complaints handled by this department is said to reach 2000 per week.

According to Reuters, there was a trend in this department that it was good to cancel the response, and it is possible that the members were trying not to bring the vehicle in for maintenance as much as possible. ``The manager told the employee that he could save about $1,000 (about 140,000 yen) per reservation cancellation,'' said an official.

Alexandre Ponsan, who actually complained to Tesla, said that there was a problem that the cruising range was not displayed correctly in the 2021 Model 3. Despite the indication that it can run 353 miles (about 568 km) on a full charge, it seems that it could run only half of the display, especially in cold weather.

Mr. Ponsan contacted Tesla and got an appointment to have the vehicle serviced, but later received a text message saying, ``Remote diagnosis revealed that the battery was fine,'' and said the service had been canceled. talking

Hacker News, a social news site, has received similar complaints one after another, with

comments such as 'the battery drained faster than expected in the mountains and got stuck.' Another comment said, 'At least 25% is exaggerated, but for some reason setting the destination gives an accurate figure.'

Organizations in various countries are also investigating the problem of misrepresenting the nominal cruising range, and in 2023, the South Korean Antimonopoly Act Regulatory Authority said, 'A maximum reduction of 50.5% compared to the nominal value was seen,' about 220. Ten thousand dollars (about 300 million yen)

has been fined .

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is also investigating Tesla vehicles, and according to data obtained by Reuters through a public records request, Tesla has asked the agency to 'reduce the estimated cruising range of all vehicles by an average of 3%.' It seems that it is requested.

Also, when Recurrent , a private company that investigates electric vehicle batteries, conducted its own survey, it was found that the cruising distance varied depending on the season.

Recurrent says, ``The range of an electric vehicle is never constant. Many owners know that there are numbers,' he said.

Furthermore, regarding the EPA investigation, ``The EPA's basic test protocol is conducted in a room temperature laboratory without exceeding 60 mi / h (about 96.5 km / h), so it hardly matches the actual cruising range.'' All EPA investigations into electric vehicles are flawed.

Recurrent's research shows that the range displayed on the dashboard does not take into account external factors such as temperature or driving efficiency, and that these factors are taken into account only when the driver sets a destination. I know. For this reason, the cruising range will of course change due to changes in temperature due to heat or cold, but also the presence or absence of a battery heating system, headwinds and rough terrain. Recurrent says that the range shown will be far from the actual range.

Recurrent pointed out that ``other manufacturers are not perfectly capable of estimating accurate cruising distance,'' but still many manufacturers tend to produce figures closer to reality than Tesla.

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