Tesla car owner complains that ``I was trapped in a car whose battery ran out and became hot''

In cars sold by electric car maker Tesla, the on-board battery supplies power for opening and closing the display, doors and windows. However, in June 2023, an owner living in the United States reported that 'the battery died and was trapped in a hot car.'

Driver says he was 'trapped' in hot Tesla after battery died


In June 2023, Arizona resident Rick Megison reported that his

Model Y battery died and he was trapped in his car for 20 minutes.

According to Megison, Model Y, whose battery ran out, could not open the door, open the window, or open the glove box .

The day Mr. Megison was trapped in the car was a hot day with temperatures exceeding 37 degrees Celsius during the day, and Mr. Megison said, ``If you were trapped in the car for several hours, there was a danger of heat stroke.''

Ultimately, Mr. Megison was able to escape from the car by asking his sister for help and having him break the window on the passenger side. ``Tesla needs to address this issue immediately,'' Megison said.

'When a car's battery is unreliable, or for some reason the user doesn't know how to fix the battery problem, there is a safety issue,' said Norma Hubele, an automotive safety expert. It is possible,” he said.

According to Mr. Hubele, in the case of a Tesla car, the manual describes how to escape from the car if the electrical system such as the battery fails. However, Hubele said, ``Many drivers, including Mr. Megison, are unaware of its existence.''

Firefighter and paramedic Paul Shoemaker said, 'Tesla's Model Y has a manual door open latch under the front door handle, but the manual release method on the passenger side is seemingly inconceivable. You can't find it just by looking at it,' he said. Mr. Shoemaker reported on how to open the rear door, 'You need to remove the mat from the rear door pocket and pull the red tab.' However, ``Tesla's manual states that not all Model Y vehicles are equipped with manual rear door release tabs.'' The following video explains how to open the driver's door when the door does not open electrically.

Below is a video showing how to open the rear door.

``Most drivers don't read the manual, so many don't know how to get off manually in an emergency,'' Shoemaker said. 'I didn't know there was such a switch,' Megison said.

Accidents trapped in Tesla cars are frequent throughout the United States, and drivers who own dozens of Tesla cars have complained about this problem to the US Department of Transportation Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Megison said he received a call from Tesla about the battery issue after he sent the car in for repair, saying, 'Tesla should have told me sooner. We want to keep people safe,' he said.

Tesla has not commented on this matter.

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