Hackers succeeded in breaking through paywalls equivalent to 2 million yen such as fully automatic driving technology of Tesla cars and seat heaters, claiming that `` it is impossible to apply patches by Tesla ''

Some of the cars sold by electric car maker Tesla are equipped with an automatic driving function called '

Full Self Driving (FSD)', a seat with a heater, and an ' acceleration boost function ' that supports acceleration. . All of these features are paid options and are not available to drivers who do not pay. However, the security research group at the Technical University of Berlin announced that it succeeded in unlocking these functions by exploiting the vulnerability of the onboard computer installed in Tesla cars.

Hackers manage to unlock Tesla software-locked features worth up to $15,000 | Electrek

Hackers Claim 'Tesla Jailbreak' Unpatchable, Can Unlock $15,000 Software-Locked Features | Tech Times


The research group said, ``Tesla has added various functions to the in-vehicle computer, from entertainment purposes to fully automated driving functions.In addition, Tesla has recently added acceleration boost functions and rear seat heater functions. , We are now selling features related to the in-car environment.We hacked to unlock these features for free.'

According to the research group, before proceeding to hacking to unlock paid options, it is necessary to first physically access the Tesla car. Therefore, the research team executed an attack called `` Voltage Fault Injection '' that causes malfunction by changing the CPU voltage at a specific timing against the computer of the in-vehicle system. The research group claims that 'Tesla cannot apply a patch to this jailbreak.'

Next, the research group succeeded in booting a recovery or normal Linux OS with administrator privileges by reverse engineering the computer's restart process. The research group reports, 'Hacking has made it possible to extract vehicle-specific individual recognition keys used for vehicle approval and authentication in Tesla's internal service network.' Also, by hacking, ``It is possible to run arbitrary software in the in-vehicle system,'' he said, ``By hacking the in-vehicle computer, the driver can unlock the automatic driving function and heated seats without paying. There is a possibility that we will be able to lock it.'

According to overseas media Electrek, the total number of functions unlocked by hacking is about 15,000 dollars (about 2.1 million yen).

Although the research group succeeded in hacking the Tesla car this time, the system security is evaluated as 'Tesla's system security is very superior to other automakers'. Electrek said, ``It is common for these malicious programs to be shared with automakers, and they are useful for manufacturers to protect the systems of their products,'' automakers improved based on the results of this hacking. We expect to do

The research group plans to make a presentation on this Tesla car hack at the world's largest cybersecurity conference `` Black Hat USA 2023 '' to be held from August 5, 2023.

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