Tesla's low-cost model has the same battery but is restricted by software so that the cruising range is shorter

On August 14, 2023, Tesla announced that it will add a 'Standard Range (SR)' model with a short range and a $10,000 price (about 1.46 million yen) to Models S and X. Even though these models have the same batteries as regular models, they are software-locked to reduce cruising range, Electrek, an EV media outlet, reported.

Tesla's new Models S and X have the same battery pack but with software-locked capacity | Electrek


Tesla's New Range-Limited Model S, X Carry a Big Discount | The Drive


The SR model announced by Tesla this time has a shorter cruising range than the normal model in exchange for a price reduction, specifically the cruising range of the model S is 405 miles (about 652 km) to 85 miles (about 137 km ) is shortened to 320 miles (about 515 km) for Model S SR, and the cruising range of Model X is shortened from 348 miles (about 560 km) to 79 miles (about 127 km) to 269 miles (about 433 km) for Model X SR. It is

Reportedly, the regular and SR models of each car model use battery packs with the same total capacity. In other words, the SR model is not a low-performance vehicle, it is simply a software that limits the capacity and shortens the cruising range just to justify selling it at a lower price. .


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Since the SR model weighs the same as the regular model, Electrek contacted Tesla and a Tesla adviser said the newly added Model S SR and Model X SR are 'software-locked long-range vehicles.' He said he admitted. However, it was unclear whether they would offer a service to remove the battery limit through the app, with one advisor emphatically saying 'no,' while another said, 'I'm not sure.' Ta.

The Drive, which deals with automotive news, said, 'Locking the capacity of the battery pack with software is an old method that Tesla has used for some time, and it was also used when limiting the capacity of the early Model S from 75 kWh to 60 kWh. He pointed out that this is not the first time Tesla has limited the performance of a car with software.

By making software changes, Tesla can make price adjustments and differentiate between models without making physical changes to the vehicle, assembly method, installed components, etc. However, not all of them use the same method, and it seems that the model 3 SR has a different battery pack than the normal model 3.

In a sense, the addition of the SR model this time has made it possible to obtain the same car at a lower price, but the fact that it has the same battery but has less usable capacity means that it is unnecessary. This is a point of concern for Tesla users who are considering purchasing the SR model, as it also carries a load.

'It's worth remembering that the battery is one of the heaviest parts of an electric vehicle,' says The Drive. % reduction is questionable, as the physical hardware is supposed to be unchanged, so the SR model is effectively only 73% more capable, but it's the same £1200 as the regular model. Approximately 544 kg), which means that it has a 100 kWh battery.'

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