Flightradar24 publishes the route until the plane crashed by Prigogine representative of the private military company Wagner who rebelled in Russia

Evgeny Prigozhin , the founder of Wagner , apparently missing after the ' Wagner Rebellion ' during the Russian invasion of Ukraine, left Moscow for St. Petersburg on August 23, 2023 local time. It is reported that he may have died after being involved in a private jet crash. `` Flightradar24 '', which displays the flight path of the aircraft in real time, has released the path until the private jet on which Mr. Prigogine was on board crashed.

Russian Legacy 600 crashes near Tver | Flightradar24 Blog

On August 23, 2023 local time, Russian authorities announced that the private jet carrying Evgeny Prigozin, the founder of the Wagner Group and the Wagner rebellion, crashed. Prigogine's death has been declared not only by the Russian authorities but also by the Wagner Group-related channels on Telegram .

Several journalists and political leaders who have made critical comments about Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Russian government have died mysteriously , Reuters reports. It is unknown if the Russian government is involved.

Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin listed in Russian plane crash with no survivors | Reuters

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On the overseas bulletin board Reddit, a video of the moment when the private jet on which Mr. Prigogine was boarding crashes is posted.

Footage shows how Russian Army Air Defense shut down the plane of Wagner Group CEO Prigozhin.
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Shadows falling from above the clouds.

After passing through the clouds, the shape of the aircraft finally became distinguishable.

You can see that the nose is pointing in various directions without a track, and it is clearly not in a normal flight condition.

Drops almost vertically to the ground.

At the moment of the crash, I could not see it because it was blocked by the building, but when I moved to the shooting location, I could see smoke that seemed to be rising from the crash point.

Flightradar24 has released its own tracking data for this crashed Prigogine private jet.

The Embraer Legacy 600, a private jet owned by Prigogine, crashed. Crashed near Tver after leaving Moscow.

You can check the flight path of Embraer Legacy 600 on which Mr. Prigogine was on board at the time of the crash from the following page.

RA-02795 - Embraer Legacy 600 [14501008] - Flightradar24

Aircraft are typically equipped with surveillance technology to determine the position of the aircraft using Global Positioning System (GNSS) called Broadcast Automatic Dependent Surveillance (ADS-B). However, it seems that it was not possible to recognize the accurate position information of the aircraft because GNSS interference or jamming was taking place around the crash site. Therefore, Flightradar 24 is called multilatation (MILAT) `` A device that receives signals transmitted from aircraft transponders at three or more receiving stations and identifies the position information of the aircraft '' The location of the crashed Embraer Legacy 600 tracked.

Flightradar24's networked receivers received the first data from an Embraer Legacy 600 at 14:46 UTC. After the Embraer Legacy 600 rose to a cruising altitude of 28,000 feet (about 8.5 km), we succeeded in measuring position information from 14:59 to 15:11. However, Embraer Legacy 600 continued to transmit data until 15:20:14.

Even if the Embraer Legacy 600 is not transmitting location information, it is transmitting other data such as altitude, speed, vertical speed and autopilot settings. Therefore, Flightradar24 points out that analyzing these data can provide deeper insight into the Embraer Legacy 600 just before the crash.

At 15:10, the Embraer Legacy 600 was flying horizontally at an altitude of 28,000 feet, and until 15:19, it continued to fly horizontally at a constant speed. But then the Embraer Legacy 600 climbed to 30,100 feet, plummeted to 27,500 feet, climbed again to 29,300 feet, and then descended again to 19,725 feet. After that, the last data is sent at 15:20:14.

The graph below shows the altitude of the Embraer Legacy 600 transmitted from 15:19:40 to 15:20:12 in chronological order. You can clearly see the Embraer Legacy 600 going up and down in just a few seconds.

The graph below shows the vertical speed of the Embraer Legacy 600 from 14:46 to 15:19.

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