Elon Mask live delivery of Tesla's 'fully automatic driving' state, but there is also a scene where it moves with a red light

Elon Musk, for the purpose of demonstrating Tesla's 'Full Self-Driving (FSD)' function, sat in the driver's seat and live-streamed the car running.

The 45-minute live broadcast is almost a video of Mr. Mask holding up his smartphone and shooting a forward view. Basically, I hold it vertically and shoot at an angle where the instrument panel and navigation system are reflected in the front.

Occasionally, I even carry my smartphone sideways.

Tesla that detects a red light and stops.

running smoothly.

After 19 minutes from the start of distribution, we reached a big intersection.

There are two traffic lights in front, the left one for turning left and the right one for going straight. Going straight is green, but it is stopped because the tip of the signal is clogged.

The light turned red even if I went straight, so I decided to wait until the light changed.

The instrument panel at hand shows that the appearance of a crossing car is detected.

Before long, the traffic light changes, and the left turn turns green first. However, Mr. Mask enters the operation as 'Oops' as Tesla moves forward a little.

It goes up to about 8 miles per hour (about 13 km). It seems that FSD misrecognized because there were two traffic lights side by side.

Once again, proceed after the light turns green.

After 30 minutes from the start of distribution, the camera switches to the front camera by turning left at the intersection, and it can be confirmed that Mr. Mask is certainly on board.

Mr. Mask used this time is 'FSD v12' which is not yet provided for users, so although there was an attempt to ignore the signal, it seems that it is generally possible to drive without problems.

However, Tesla has established guidelines that the driver should always keep his hands on the steering wheel while using the FSD, and Mr. Mask himself broke that guideline, the news site The Verge pointed out.

Elon Musk's FSD v12 demo includes a near miss at a red light and doxxing Mark Zuckerberg - The Verge

Also, on the way, I said, ``I'm going to the house of Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta,'' and actually searched the address on Google and displayed it on the navigation. About this, Mr. Mask says, ``It's not a personal information leak because I just checked it on Google,'' but The Verge once said that Mr. Mask had an account that tracks the location of his private jet as a ``risk to personal safety.'' He wrote that he had been banned on Twitter (currently X) as a problem.

Twitter account tracking Earon Mask's private jet is BAN - GIGAZINE

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