German Chancellor Scholz proposes a bill that would require 80% of gas stations to install quick chargers

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz attended 'IAA Mobility 2023' held in Munich and announced that in the coming weeks, Germany will install equipment for fast charging EVs (electric vehicles) at 80% of all gas stations. He said it would be the first country in Europe to introduce mandatory legislation.

Eröffnung der IAA MOBILITY 2023 mit Bundeskanzler Olaf Scholz - YouTube

Germany's Scholz praises auto industry amid protests, announces EV expansion law | Reuters

Germany Will Force 80% of Gas Stations to Install EV Chargers

In order to popularize electric vehicles, it is essential to increase the number of EV charging points, which are still far fewer than gas stations.

Germany, Europe's largest economy, plans to increase the number of public EV charging points to 1 million by 2030, but as of 2023 there are still only 90,000.

Perhaps because of this, Chancellor Scholz has announced that in the coming weeks, 80% of gas stations across Germany will be required to install EV charging equipment with 150 kWh fast charging capability.

At IAA Mobility 2023, where Prime Minister Scholz spoke about the bill, demonstrators appeared on stage at IAA Mobility 2023, holding placards that read ``The Party is Over'' and shouting, and his speech was interrupted twice, but Prime Minister Scholz continued. “Protests are a form of public, democratic debate, but it's a bit anachronistic. Walking around the booths at the venue and seeing new technologies that will reduce or eliminate mobility emissions in the future. 'We can improve wellbeing with great products and move towards carbon neutrality.'

Regarding EVs, China is strong and has set its sights on the European market, but Prime Minister Scholz said, ``Competition is something that drives us, not something that threatens us.''

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